Recommended Books: 

What Witches Do - Stewart Farrar

A Complete Guide: Witchcraft - Theresa Moorey

A Witch Alone: Thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic - Marian Green

Natural Witchcraft - Marian Green

Circle of Fire: The Symbolism and Practices of Wiccan Ritual - Sorita D'Este & David Rankine

A Witches Bible Janet & Stewart Farrar

Also available as two separate volumes titled:

Eight Sabbats for Witches Janet & Stewart Farrar

The Witches' Way - Janet & Stewart Farrar

Wicca: The Old Religion in the New Millennium - Vivienne Crowley

Natural Magic  - Doreen Valiente

ABC of Witchcraft Past & Present - Doreen Valiente

Recommended Fiction

High Magic's Aid - Gerald B. Gardner

The Sea Priestess - Dion Fortune

Moon Magic - Dion Fortune

Mists of Avalon series Marion Zimmer-Bradley

What is Wicca? - by Vivienne and Chris Crowley

The History of Wicca: 1939 to present (PDF) - by Julia Phillips (used with permission)

Gerald Gardner: History and Articles - from The Wica website

Eleanor 'Ray' Bone: High Priestess

The Old Ways in New Times - by Cian MacFhiarais

Venus Figurines in Prehistoric Europe - by Cian MacFhiarais

Summer Solstice at Avalon - by Paul Mountfort

Beth & Berkana: Birth and Birch in Celtic and Norse Traditions - by Paul Mountfort

The Goddess Arrives: The Novels of Dion Fortune and the development of Gardnerian Wicca

Interview with Maxine Sanders

Simon Goodman: Magister - A memorium

Witchcraft Today - by Gerald Gardner (non fiction)

The Meaning of Witchcraft - by Gerald Gardner (second non-fictional work)

High Magic's Aid - by Gerald Gardner (a fictional work)

Gerald Gardner: Witch - Gardner biography attributed to Jack Braelin but written by Idries Shah

Witchcraft in Western Europe - by Dr. Margaret Murray

God of the Witches - by Dr. Margaret Murray

Aradia: Gospel of the Witches - by Charles Leland (1890)

The Golden Bough - by Sir James George Frazer

The Magus - Francis Barrett

 Trials of the Moon: Reopening the case for Historical Witchcraft - by Ben Whitmore  (we would also suggest purchasing this excellent book and supporting the author who has generously made most of it available free online.) Order it here!


Video: The Power of the Witch (Documentary 1971)

Video: Witchcraft Yesterday & Tomorrow (Raymond Buckland)

Lady of the Earth - a collection of articles & resources on many topics

A Modern Herbal - online version of the book of the same name

Culpeper's Complete Herbal - medicinal and occult properties of plants

Earth Witchery - a great resource for ideas for celebrating the Sabbats, including food, ritual crafts, correspondences etc

The Witches Sabbats - a website by Mike Nichols


The Hermetic Library - a large collection of occult and esoteric writings, articles, and books.

Sacred Texts - an online library of books (with expired copyright) and articles on a range of spiritual topics. Sections on Neopaganism/Wicca, Occult/Esoteric, Celtic Mythology, and Astrology are particullary worth a look.