About Wicca

Wicca is an initiatory path, a mystery tradition, and a system of personal and spiritual development that guides its initiates to a deep communion with the powers of nature, the Old Gods, and of the human psyche, leading to a spiritual transformation of the self. 

Within Oak Grove Coven we have a strong ecological awareness and sense of Guardianship of the Earth. Since the Gods dwell within Nature, we believe that our planet is sacred and must be protected from the ravages of humankind.. We also revere the wisdom of the past, believing there is much to learn from the myths and lore of our ancestors and that we can access these through ritual drama, poetry and song, and through living in harmony with the Earth and our fellow creatures.

In our rituals we work with the myth cycles and archetypes of the British and Celtic Gods and Goddesses, as well drawing inspiration from the unique and beautiful traditions and environment of Aotearoa. In particular our Coven focuses on the Goddess in Her aspects connected to the earth and the moon, and to the God in His aspects of the Horned Hunter, Green Man, and Lord of the Sun. 

Those wishing to be initiated must be at least 18 years of age. We do not seek outconverts and initiation is never offered. Initiation must be asked for and is only given to those who have proved suitable and ready. 

Rites & Rituals

By celebrating the forces of Nature, in ourselves and in the world around us, we catch a glimpse of the origin of Nature, contained within the world yet at the same time more than the world, expressed through time yet equally timeless.  Ritual is a means of contacting the Divine beyond our individual lives, but also a way of understanding our inner psyche and contacting the Divine within.

Rituals are performed in a consecrated ritual space marked out as a circle. Within the sacred circle three main activities occur - the worship of the Gods, the practice of magic, and celebration and feasting.  At the major seasonal holidays (the sabbats), the myths of creation, birth, death, and renewal are enacted. These are solemn mysteries, but there is always a balance between 'mirth and reverence' as dancing, singing and revelry are an important part of the festivities. Once the feasting is finished, the circle is broken and the sacred circle becomes an ordinary space once more. The importance of the rites lies not only in their outward form, but in their inner symbolism and meaning.

Wicca as a Spiritual Path

Wicca aims to foster the spiritual development of those who follow its paths through the practice of meditative techniques and through invocation, the inviting of the presence of the deity to manifest in the rites. Through invocation, we can achieve a deep state of consciousness in which we experience oneness with the Divine.. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. . Are only women Witches?
No. There are roughly equal numbers of women and men in our coven, as the polarized working of Goddess and God is usually stressed in rituals. 

Q. . Do Witches worship naked?
Some do, while others wear robes or cloaks. Wiccans (e.g. Gardnerian, Alexandrian and derived traditions) do work skyclad or naked, except for some outdoor rites. Nakedness is typical of Mystery religions. Naked initiates are shown in Roman murals from the early centuries of our era, long after people generally wore clothes at all times. Nakedness symbolizes the true self laid bare before the Gods, and it is believed by Witches to facilitate the transfer of vital power. Like Western naturists and Native peoples worldwide, Witches do not find nakedness - 'being skyclad' - shameful; nor do they assume it is automatically to do with sex. The prurient would be disappointed to find that coven meetings, while very cheerful occasions, are scarcely 'sexy'.

Q. . What place does sex have in your rituals?
Sex is seen in a positive rather than a negative light, an expression of the great creative polarity of Goddess and God, the equal and opposite forces of Nature. It should take place only between consenting adults and takes place in private.

Q. . Do Witches take part in Satanism or Black Magic?
No. Satan is a Christian concept and not part of Wicca. As for black magic we believe that evil rebounds threefold upon the evil doer. In fact an essential part of Wiccan training is teaching students the way to apply magic in an ethical way for the benefit of all concerned.

Q. . Do Witches worship the Devil?
Absolutely not. The concept of the Devil, the personification of a supreme spirit of evil, is a creation of Zoroastrian (Persian),Jewish and Christian theology. Wicca is derived not from Christianity but from the Pagan religions of Europe.. Witches do not believe in the Christian Devil, and certainly do not offer homage to it.