About Oak Grove

Oak Grove is an established ritual group based in Auckland, New Zealand. Within our ceremonies and our lives we explore creative and experiential approaches to ritually working with the cycles of nature and attuning to the land in which we live. 

We have been working together doing rituals for more than 20 years and have provided training and initiation to others interested in following the seasonal and lunar cycles and exploring earth based spirituality. Many of our current members also share an interest in herb and tree lore, natural magic, and conservation.

Our group has linage from both the Gardnerian and Alexandrian Traditions of Wicca, although primarily we work from a Gardnerian approach.Gardnerian Wicca tends to be more 'earthy' in its ritual flavour, compared to Alexandrian Wicca. We incorporate British and Celtic folk traditions and also aspects of our own land (Aotearoa) into our rituals which gives our group its unique approach. These strands have been woven together over time into beautiful and meaningful rituals that are personal to Oak Grove and the land in which we live.. 

We aim to have between six and a maximum of thirteen members, with a balance of men and women. 

We are aware that people are often curious about who we are and what we do. As Wicca is a mystery tradition there are certain aspects that we do not divulge to the uninitiated, but we can provide answers to some commonly asked questions: 

What kind of people join a Wiccan ritual group?

Witches! Wicked, wicked witches! - Just kidding :) Actually, contrary to some widely held beliefs, most Wiccan groups, including our own, are made up of utterly ordinary people who share an interest in lunar and earth mysteries. Our members come from a range of professional backgrounds and we are far from the stereotypical "pagan" that dominates media portrayals of the kind of people interested in magic and Wicca.

What is the age range of members of Oak Grove?

Our current members are aged between approximately 20 and 45 years old. However, we have had, and welcome, members outside of this range..

Where are you located?

We are in the Auckland region, approximately 30mins from the CBD, bordering on the beautiful Waitakere Ranges. To maintain our privacy we do not give out our physical address to just anyone. Usually, when we first meet a candidate, we do so in a public place that is convenient to both parties in order for us and them to get to know each other. It may be helpful to know that we are located near several modes of transportation and our current members travel from all over Auckland (and beyond) with ease.

Does your group have a lineage?

Yes, our lineage is of the English Gardnerian Tradition of the Craft (in the line of Eleanor Ray Bone).

We also have lineage in Alexandrian Wicca, and influences from Celtic and British Folk traditions. Some of our groups philosophies and ceremonies also derive from these sources, which creates our unique approach.

Where do you meet / conduct rituals?

Where possible, our rituals and ceremonies are conducted outside in natural settings. (e.g., a cave, on a beach, in a forest) by firelight and to the sound of drumming and chanting, We enact simple rites to celebrate the seasons and the gift of life. If season and weather dictate the use of indoor ritual, usually this is in coven members homes. We also have a beautiful outdoor sanctuary space that is currently being especially designed for us to conduct our rituals in. 

How often do you meet?

Initially, those who have been accepted into training meet approximately once per month witha senior member of the Grove which is primarily a chance to get to know each other.. 

Later, there is also the opportunity to attend seasonal celebrations that occur at six weekly intervals - usually on a Saturday afternoon or evening . These are planned well in advance so plenty of notice is given.

After initiation we come together to celebrate the eight seasonal sabbats as well as the monthly full moons.

At times we may meet less often depending on the availability of grove members and their own personal commitments.